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Today's world problems deserve today's world solutions, businesses are now being done at a furious pace that doesn't give room for the faint-hearted which is fast removing the human face from the way we do things.

Cellulant is a company set-up a couple of years ago to bring entertainment and smiles to our face while we do business or as we relate to family and friends on the phone

Cellulant brings to bear on individual the convienience of doing e-business at a personal level and at the same time helping to reduce the cost of doing business in Nigeria and internationally.

We have realized the need for e-money solution in a country like Nigeria with low security to life and property, the idea is do cash based business without cash and achieve exactly the same result with Cellulant all this are REALITIES THROUGH YOUR PHONE

Send Bulk sms from our web interface. It gives you the business edge you have always wanted.
Get all the ringtones you have always wanted - we have all the most popular ringtones for you.
» Cellulant has hit the greenfield market of Sub-Saharan Africa after striking a deal with French software provider, Swapcom. Cellulant is confident that the launch of a range of handset services in Kenya and shortly in Nigeria will help them achieve a “Lord of the Ringtones” status. more»
» Cellulant takes a 360-degree view of digital channels - SMS, Voice and the Web. Through delivery of integrated experiences, Cellulant maximizes interactions at each of these consumer touch points.