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1. How many ringtones can my phone support?
The number of items your phone can support depends on the specific model you have and space on your phone. Please check your owner's manual.

2. Does my phone need to be on to receive the content?
Yes please make sure your phone is switched on and has a signal.

3. How long does it take to receive the item I ordered?
The average time for the content to be delivered to your phone is a couple of minutes, but sometimes due to network delays it can take a bit longer. We do endeavour at all times to deliver your choice to you as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing extended delays please contact our Customer Care team.

4. What do I do if I didn't receive it?
If you are experiencing extended delays please contact our Customer Care team.

5. what if I can't send SMS to 35140 or the shortcode?
Some mobile and fixed phone lines employ call barring. Please contact your carrier if you have difficulty here.

6. Which Phones do you support?

we support the following phones:

Alcatel: one touch 311, 535, 735

Nokia: All

Motorola: A series, C333, V series

Sagem: MC & MYX series

Samsung: ALL but [A series, S series]

Siemens: C, M & S series

Sony Ericsson: ALL

LG: G1150, G4011, G4015

7. How do I save the Ring tone?
The process of saving ring tones varies from phone to phone, please consult the phone manual for your exact Phone type. 


8. Copyright Disclaimer
We have no knowledge of any infringement of copyright on our site, or in our products we provide. However, if you believe we have have infringed your copyright or trademark, please contact us or the Managers of the Royalty Scheme, PERFORMING AND MECHANICAL RIGHTS SOCIETY (PMRS), 6 ANTHONY VILLAGE ROAD LAGOS